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Bars in Portland's Old Town/Chinatown


Ash Street Saloon
225 SW Ash St. Portland OR 97204
Downtown dive venue with incredible sound.

Barrel Room Rockin' Show Bar
105 NW 3rd Ave. Portland OR 97209
Dueling piano bar in the heart of the amateur nightclub zone.

215 SW Ankeny St. Portland OR 97204
Spacious Greek themed bar in the heart of downtown.

Boiler Room
228 NW Davis St. Portland OR 97209
Karaoke bar in the heart of the of the Old Town's amateur zone.

Captain Ankeny's Well
50 SW 3rd Ave. Portland OR 97204
Captain Ankeny's serves as the pre-func/food court green room in the venue blocks of Old Town.

Casey's Nightclub & Lounge
610 NW Couch St. Portland OR 97209
Casual gay lounge in Old Town

CC Slaughter's
219 NW Davis St. Portland OR 97209
On a scale of 1-10, 1 being there may be some gays holding hands here, and 10 being you will definitely see naked gay boys, this is an 11.

Central Specifically: Ankeny Alley
220 SW Ankeny St. Portland OR 97204
"Hidden" (as in signless) classy little joint in the Ankeny Alley

Couture Ultra Lounge
28 NW 4th Ave Portland OR 97209
Chic "Ultra-lounge" right in the heart of the weekend downtown douchebag zone.

350 W. Burnside St. Portland OR 97204
Classic Portland Bar.

Davis Street Tavern
135 NW 5th Ave. Portland OR 97209
More restaurant than tavern, for sure.

35 NW 3rd Ave. Portland OR 97209
Meat market for suburban set, located in the heart of the date rape district.

Dixie Tavern
34 NW 3rd Ave Portland OR 97209
Rock/urban cowboy themed bar is neither a tavern nor a rock bar, teeming with suburban 20 somethings eager to swap DNA and exotic diseases.

East Chinatown Lounge
322 NW Everett St. Portland OR 97209
Upscale bar with DJs nearly nightly.

110 NW Broadway Portland OR 97209
Queer-ish Dance Club

Fox & Hounds
217 NW 2nd Ave. Portland OR 97209
Laid back, aww-shucks bar with a primarily older gay clientele.

Hamburger Mary's
19 NW 5th Ave. Portland OR 97209
Portland drag institution

120 NW 3rd Ave. Portland OR 97209
Tends towards a mostly gay clientele, far classier than the bump'n'grind meat markets of Vaseline Alley.

107 NW Couch St. Portland OR 97209

Kells Irish
112 SW 2nd Ave Portland OR 97204
Perfect for when you and 300 other amateur hour weekend warriors simply must have an authentically Americanized Irish bar experience...

Kit Kat Club
231 SW Ankeny Portland OR 97204
Formerly Ted's/Berbati's Pan

Magic Garden
217 NW 4th Ave. Portland OR 97209
This Portland institution is a bar first, strip club second, and a much sought notch on every off-key travel writer's belt. Friendly, up close and personal dancers on a tiny stage.

412 NW 5th Ave Portland OR 97209

Portland City Grill
111 SW 5th Ave. Portland OR 97204
It's the view from the 30th floor! It's the happy hour! Boasted of equally by the white collar set to all out of towners. On a clear day, the view is grand...if you can get a seat.

318 SW 3rd Ave Portland OR 97205
Portland's only all male strip club (after 10pm), catering to men. Women are welcome, but not exactly encouraged.

Someday Lounge
125 NW 5th Ave. Portland OR 97209
Two level lounge by day/evening, music venue or dance club by night.

The Old Shucking Room (Dan & Louis's)
208 SW Ankeny St. Portland OR 97204
Small all wooden lounge attached to Dan and Louis Oyster Bar, open since 1907!

18 NW 3rd Ave Portland OR 97209
Tiny little future chic turned hipsta-matic irony trailer. Always lovely 20 somethings, always good tunes spinning.

232 SW Ankeny St. Portland OR 97204
Cozy and comfortable downtown joint that feels like a living room, with two floors to throw back a cheap PBR can or a nice cocktail.

800 NW 6th Ave Portland OR 97209
Classy jazz supper club with red booths adjacent to the train station.

Yolo Lounge
412 SW 4th Ave. Portland OR 97204