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Bars with Arcade Games in Portland


Basement Pub
1028 SE 12th Ave Portland OR 97214
Popular neighborhood bar that isn't exactly a basement.

Biddy McGraw's
6000 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97213
As authentically Irish as one can get in the US.

Bitter End
1981 W Burnside St. Portland OR 97209
Popular bar for the pre/post Timbers crowd. Recently re-opened.

Blitz 99W Specifically: Pop-a-Shot / Air Hockey
10935 SW 68th Parkway on Hwy 99W Tigard OR 97223
Brand new Blitz in Tigard.

Blitz Pearl
110 NW 10th Ave. Portland OR 97209
Low key, multi storied sports bar in the Pearl.

Blitz Sports Pub
305 NW 21st Ave. Portland OR 97209
Another Blitz - this one on NW 21st.

Bonfire Lounge
2821 SE Stark St. Portland OR 97214
Nice dark little Stark gem.

Boss Hawgs Bar 'n' Grill
617 NE 102nd Ave. Portland OR 97220
Based on the name alone, it is exactly what you would expect.

Brix Tavern
1338 NW Hoyt St Portland OR 97209
Pearl District lounge/sports bar with a VIP loft area.

Bucket Brigade Saloon Specifically: Wii
8012 SE Powell Blvd. Portland OR 97206
Nice, friendly sports bar that makes you forget that you're oh so close to 82nd ave.

East Burn Specifically: Skeeball / PacMan
1800 E Burnside St. Portland OR 97214
Two level bar has an upstairs restaurant with patio featuring swings instead of chairs and downstairs bar with skee-ball.

Elk Rock Bar & Grill
14211 SE Mcloughlin Milwaukie OR 97268
By the looks of their website, We'd probably avoid this bar.

Falco's Pub Specifically: Golf / Bowling
9950 SE Stark St. Portland OR 97216
Pudding shots!

Gossip Lounge
11340 NE Halsey St. Portland OR 97220
Upscale sports bar bathed in blue light.

Greek Village Tavern Specifically: Air Hockey
301 NW Murray Blvd Portland OR 97229
More of a bar than a Greek restaurant.

Ground Kontrol
511 NW Couch St. Portland OR 97209
Play every arcade game under the sun with a beer or cocktail in hand after 5pm.

Holman's Specifically: 3 machines
15 SE 28th Ave. Portland OR 97214
Old fashioned bar & grill with a sweet outdoor patio.

Jimmy's Bar & Grill
3017 SW Multnomah Blvd. Portland OR 97219

2021 SW Morrison St. Portland OR 97205
Sports bar with tons of rooms next to Jeld-Wen.

La Merde Specifically: Pacman
301 SE Morrison St. Portland OR 97214
The Montage's attached lounge, manned by seasoned industry vents with little patience for amateurs. Renowned for it's obvious Montage eats and packed trivia nights.

Limelight Lounge Specifically: Ms. Pacman
6708 SE Milwaukie Blvd Portland OR 97202
Loosely lime-lit neighborhood bar in Sellwood.

Macadam's Specifically: Golf / Bowling
5833 SW Macadam Ave Portland OR 97239
Big old sports bar in John's Landing

My Father's Place Specifically: Tetris
523 SE Grand Ave. Portland OR 97214
SE greasy spoon dive/diner serves two purposes: Liquoring up the morning crowd as quickly as possible, and warding off the hangovers/cocaine induced morning insomnia amongst PDX's scenesters.

O'Brien's Specifically: Ms. Pacman
519 NW 21st Ave. Portland OR 97209
A completely regular old sorta sports bar, loosely golf themed, rarely busy.

Pallas Specifically: Boxing
13639 SE Powell Blvd. Portland OR 97236
Good lord it is out there, and with it come the unseemlier SE denizens. Dark as any other strip club, maybe darker, but the big old bar really is kind of fun to sit at.

108 SW Pine St Portland OR 97204

Ringo's Bar & Grill Specifically: Free Wii
12300 SW Broadway Portland OR 97005
Sports bar in Beaverton apparently known for their burgers.

Rumpus Room
10555 SE Division St Portland OR 97266
Older regular crowd and loads of video crack.

7827 SW 35th Ave Portland OR 97219
Neighborhood bar with a Chicago sports theme and free peanuts on Thursdays.

Silver Dollar Pizza Specifically: Air Hockey
501 NW 21st Ave Portland OR 97209
Neighborhood Pizza and sports bar on NW 21st.

Silverado Specifically: Wii / daytime Only
318 SW 3rd Ave Portland OR 97205
Portland's only all male strip club (after 10pm), catering to men. Women are welcome, but not exactly encouraged.

Slabtown Specifically: Full Game Room! / Pop A Shot / Air Hockey / Skeeball
1033 NW 16th Ave Portland OR 97209
To quote Slabtown's Twitter profile: "Portland's only pinball dive and rock club, forgotten in the shadow of I-405."

Slingshot Lounge
5532 SE Center St Portland OR 97206
Hipping up Foster with seasoned bartenders and a house cat.

Spare Room Specifically: ms. pacman
4830 NE 42nd Ave Portland OR 97218
Huge bar with many cheap specials throughout the day and a wide variety of entertainment at night including bingo, karaoke, movies and live music.

Spirit of '77 Specifically: 4 / Basketball / Free
500 NE MLK Jr. Blvd Portland OR 97232
Spacious Blazers bar (hence, '77, the last year they pretty much did anything), with plenty of games, bike parking, and a decent balcony patio.

Sunshine Tavern Specifically: M S. Pac Man / Donkey Kong
3111 SE Division Portland OR 97227
Tavern and bistro with games!

Tanker Specifically: Pacman
4825 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97215
Nautical/skatepark influenced sports bar in Barmuda, ably operated by seasoned industry vets.

The QuarterDeck Specifically: Wii
4300 E Fourth Plain Blvd Vancouver WA 98661
Dancing, sports and karaoke in the 'Couv.

Torta-Landia Specifically: Wii
4144 SE 60th Portland OR
Tacos and Tortas! 2-for-1 tacos at Happy hour.

Whiskey Dolls Game Room
317 NW Broadway Portland OR 97209
5 Pinball Machine's, Skee Ball, Sno Cross riding game and various other stand up game machines

Zach's Shack Specifically: Ms. Pacman
4611 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97215
Hot dog joint with patio and games.