Bars that Serve Breakfast in Portland

Breakfast in Downtown Breakfast in Milwaukie Breakfast in North Breakfast in Northeast Breakfast in Northwest Breakfast in Old Town Chinatown Breakfast in Pearl District Breakfast in Southeast Breakfast in Southwest


442 Soccer Bar
1739 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97214
As far as we know, the only 100% soccer dedicated bar in Portland

4th Down Bar & Grill
424 SW 4th Ave. Portland OR 97204
Sports bar in downtown.

Acropolis Steakhouse
8325 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Portland OR 97202
Legendary strip club known for cheap steaks and alt dancers.

Anchor Bar Specifically: Saturdays / Sundays / 9am-2pm
11915 North Center Ave Portland OR 97217
Sports bar off the beaten path with tons of ridiculously cheap specials running daily.

Bar Carlo Specifically: brunch Sat & Sun
6433 Foster Road Portland OR 97206
Foster bar/restaurant featuring eclectic events and double ounce mid-shelf well.

Bazi Bierbrasserie Specifically: Saturday / 10am-3pm / Sunday / 10am-3pm
1522 SE 32nd Ave Portland OR 97214
Belgian bier lover's paradise located just off of Hawthorne.

1545 NW 21st Ave Portland OR 97209
New location! Popular eatery in NW with a bustling breakfast crowd that, according to them, obtained the first liquor license in Oregon.

118 NE 28th Ave. Portland OR 97232
Cafe by day, quintessential Portland punk bar by night.

Bill's Steakhouse
10227 NE Sandy Blvd Portland OR 97220
Bar that serves steak on the way to the airport.

Blackwell's Grubsteak Grill
1815 NE 41st Ave. Portland OR 97212
Cash only dive in the Hollywood district.

Blitz Sports Pub Specifically: Weekends
305 NW 21st Ave. Portland OR 97209
Another Blitz - this one on NW 21st.

Boss Hawgs Bar 'n' Grill
617 NE 102nd Ave. Portland OR 97220
Based on the name alone, it is exactly what you would expect.

Bradford's On Halsey Specifically: all day everyday
10346 NE Halsey St Portland OR 97220

Bread and Ink
3610 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214
Long-standing bistro on Hawthorne.

Brix Tavern Specifically: Saturday / 9:30am-3pm / Sunday / 9:30am-3pm
1338 NW Hoyt St Portland OR 97209
Pearl District lounge/sports bar with a VIP loft area.

Broadway Grill & Brewery Specifically: Weekends
1700 NE Broadway Portland OR 97232
Totally unremarkable brewpub in the Lloyd district, easily missed, and even better avoided.

Brooklyn Park Pub
3400 SE Milwaukie Ave. Portland OR 97202
Neighborhood dive with a whiskey club.

Bucket Brigade Saloon Specifically: Monday-Friday / 9am-11am / Saturday Sunday / 9am-1pm
8012 SE Powell Blvd. Portland OR 97206
Nice, friendly sports bar that makes you forget that you're oh so close to 82nd ave.

Buffalo Gap
6835 SW Macadam Ave Portland OR 97219
Multi-roomed saloon with free live music most nights.

Bushwackers Dancehall & Saloon Specifically: Sundays
8200 SW Tonka St. Tualatin OR 97062
Huge country dance club with free lessons on Saturdays and poker night on Tuesdays.

C-Bar Specifically: Saturday / Sunday 9am-2:30pm_ Sunday 9am-2:30pm_
2880 SE Gladstone St. Portland OR 97202
Stylish SE bar with a better than average menu.

Candlelight Restaurant & Lounge Specifically: Greasy Spoon
7334 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97213
Montavilla dive with cheap, stiff pours and a reputation for being just that (Not to be confused with the Candlelight downtown)

Cheerful Bullpen Specifically: all day everyday
1730 SW Taylor St. Portland OR 97205
Sports bar just a stone's throw from Jeld-Wen. Too bad they named themselves after baseball, since baseball left our fair city.

Cheerful Tortoise Specifically: all day everyday
1939 SW 6th Ave. Portland OR 97201
Right next to PSU, this would be downtown's Animal House, if, say, there were actually a university in Portland that had said fraternities.

Cider Mill Lounge Specifically: Saturday / Sunday Sunday all Day
6712 SW Capitol Highway Portland OR 97219
Sports bar with live music and trivia, featuring the area's last Fryer Tuck's chicken.

Circa 33 Specifically: Saturday / Sunday
3348 SE Belmont St. Portland OR 97214
Homage to 1933, the year prohibition was repealed. Nice, classy cocktail joint ran by the guys behind North 45/Paddy's

Cleary's Sports Bar
234 SE 181st Ave Portland OR 97233
Sports bar in Gresham.

Clinton Street Pub
2516 SE Clinton St. Portland OR 97202
Friendly little dive with a great juke.

Club Hollywood Sports Bar Specifically: Daily
4030 NE Halsey St. Portland OR 97232
The bar adjoining Hollywood Bowl.

Clubhouse Bar & Grill Specifically: all day everyday
5134 SW Beaverton Hillsdale HWY Portland OR 97221
Pretty typical sports bar in the 'burbs with a little something for everyone.

1601 SW Morrison Portland OR 97205
Fortified island citadel of slovenly drunkenness, faithfully resisting the surrounding gentrification.

Concordia Ale House Specifically: Saturday / Sunday
3276 NE Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97211
Beer geek/family haven in Concordia

Crush Specifically: Saturday / Sunday
1400 SE Morrison Portland OR 97214
Chic, gay/gay friendly bar with excellent food and creative drinks.

Delta Cafe Specifically: Saturday / Sunday
4607 SE Woodstock Blvd. Portland OR 97206
Southern fare turned up to 11

Dilly's Bar & Grill Specifically: Saturday / Sunday
2002 SE Division St. Portland OR 97202
SE Clinton neighborhood dive.

Dockside Saloon & Restaurant
2047 NW Front Ave. Portland OR 97209
More of a blue collar lunch diner than a saloon, it opens in the wee hours, and closes even earlier.

Doug Fir Lounge
830 E. Burnside St. Portland OR 97214
Swanky, Hipster Hotel with Kick Ass Venue

Driftwood Tavern (D's Bar)
6732 NE Sandy Blvd 97213
Sports bar brought to you by folks from the Mid-West.

5021 SE Powell Blvd. Portland OR 97206
Large 2 two stage strip club that never has a cover.

East Burn Specifically: Brunch / Everyday / Open-3pm
1800 E Burnside St. Portland OR 97214
Two level bar has an upstairs restaurant with patio featuring swings instead of chairs and downstairs bar with skee-ball.

Eat: An Oyster Bar Specifically: Sundays Sundays 10am-2pm
3808 North Vancouver Ave Portland OR 97227
A little slice of New Orleans in Portland. Bourbon flights and live music on Thursdays.

2126 SW Halsey St Troutdale OR 97060
Popular McMenamins destination for live music and weddings. Two golf courses, several pubs, movie theater, a soaking pool, two restaurants and a hotel. Sheesh!

Falco's Pub
9950 SE Stark St. Portland OR 97216
Pudding shots!

Francis Xavier's Specifically: all day
1933 NE 181st Ave Gresham OR 97230
Hotel bar with TVs, video crack and a fireplace in lovely Gresham.

Gary's Bakery & Bistro Specifically: Pastries
8615 SE Division Street Portland OR 97266
Bakery by day, Asian bistro by night

1101 SE Division St Portland OR 97202
Extremely popular (for a reason) breakfast/lunch/brunch spot with killer cocktails.

Grain and Gristle Specifically: Weekends / 9am-3pm
1473 NE Prescott St Portland OR 97211
Woodsy restro-pub whose namesake indicates an obvious beer'n'meat focus.

Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill Specifically: Saturday / Sunday / 9am-2pm
5421 N. Greeley Avenue Portland OR 97217
Neighborhood bar with it all. Sports, VJs, Live bands and Poker Nights,

Heathman Specifically: M-F 6:30-11am
1001 SW Broadway Portland OR 97205
Elegant hotel bar and lounge with a great happy hour food menu. Now a full scale restaurant with tea service on Saturday's.

15 SE 28th Ave. Portland OR 97214
Old fashioned bar & grill with a sweet outdoor patio.

Horse Brass Pub
4534 SE Belmont St Portland OR 97215
If only exempted from the smoking ban, the Horse Brass is perhaps the best American representation of a British pub thus far.

Hour Glass Pub
7401 NE Glisan St Portland OR 97213
Apparently where old drunks take their kids to teach them how to grow up just like them.

Hungry Tiger Specifically: Saturday / Sunday
207 SE 12th Ave Portland OR 97214
This staple portland bar war had new life breathed into it when new owners took over. It has since somehow been made considerably better than its predecessor and has become one of the best vegan/vegetarian friendly bar/restaurants in Portland.

Iconic Lounge Specifically: Weekned Brunch 9:30am-3:00pm
2226 NE Broadway Portland OR 97232

Jake's Grill
611 SW 10th Ave Portland OR 97205
One of the few places where smoking (cigars only, of course) is still allowed - old-monied atmosphere invites.

Joe's Cellar
1332 NW 21st 97209
Great dive bar you'd find if you walked all the way to the end of NW 21st.

Jolly Roger Specifically: all day everyday
1340 SE 12th Ave. Portland OR 97214
Sports bar and dive in uber-hipster zone. Expect a very mixed crowd.

Jones Specifically: Saturday / Sunday / 9am
107 NW Couch St. Portland OR 97209

Katie O'Brien's
2809 NE Sandy Blvd. Or 97232
This place is your quintessential neighborhood bar. With 34 carefully chosen beers on tap and comfy leather chairs to recline In while watching the (insert sportsball team here) game, you'll never want to leave.

Kells Irish
112 SW 2nd Ave Portland OR 97204
Perfect for when you and 300 other amateur hour weekend warriors simply must have an authentically Americanized Irish bar experience...

Kennedy School Specifically: 'Til 11:30am
5736 NE 33rd Ave. Portland OR 97211
It is an unwritten municipal code that all citizens are required to bring first time Portland visitors to this converted elementary school housing many "bars".

Kenton Station Specifically: Sunday / Saturday / 'Til 12:30pm
8303 N Denver Ave. Portland OR 97217
Unassuming run of the mill pub & grill in Kenton. Closes early.

Kingston Specifically: 'Til 2pm
2021 SW Morrison St. Portland OR 97205
Sports bar with tons of rooms next to Jeld-Wen.

Knuckleheads (CLOSED)
6526 SE Foster Blvd. Portland OR 97206
Biker bar on Foster.

La Moule Specifically: brunch Sunday 10am-2pm
2500 SE Clinton St, Portland or 97202
Arty brasserie featuring creative mussel dishes & other Belgian staples, plus beer & cocktails

Laurelthirst Pub Specifically: Saturday / Sunday / 9am
2958 NE Glisan St. 97232
Divey little box renowned for its frequent folksy, bluegrassy acts.

Laurelwood Public House Specifically: Saturday / Sunday / 10am
5115 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland OR 97213
Probably the most striking and accurate depiction of the family friendly brewpub stereotype. For some reason, parents love it.

Limelight Lounge
6708 SE Milwaukie Blvd Portland OR 97202
Loosely lime-lit neighborhood bar in Sellwood.

Lucky Horseshoe Lounge Specifically: Brunch / Saturday / Sunday / Til 4pm
2524 SE Clinton St. Portland OR 97202
Formerly the Workshop

Marathon Taverna
1735 W Burnside St. Portland OR 97209
Sports bar in the loosest sense: games play on numerous TVs, Budweiser banners adorn, the day shift old-timers could care less; at night, TapouT bedecked youngsters from god knows hoot & holler.

Maui's on Williams Specifically: Sunday / 9:30am During NFL
3508 N Williams Ave. Portland OR 97227
Cheap & friendly aquamarine cinder block box adorned with Hawaiian imagery restores warmth on cold a day.

Miss Delta Specifically: Brunch / Sunday / Saturday / 10am
3950 N Mississippi Ave. Portland OR 97227
Hand crafted cocktails served up with a hodge-podge collection of swamp food. Excellent happy hour.

Mock Crest Tavern
3435 N. Lombard Portland OR 97217
Bright, intimate blues bar in North Portland.

301 SE Morrison St Portland OR 97214

Mother's Velvet Lounge
212 SW Stark St Portland OR 97204
Exactly as described in name, this is a matronly parlor for brunching and/or a date with yo mama.

Muu Muu's Specifically: Brunch / Saturday / Sunday
612 NW 21st Ave. Portland OR 97209
Muu-Muus is quite possibly the best of the alphabet blocks: inventive comfort food & excellent atmosphere with just enough edge to scare away the amateurs.

My Father's Place
523 SE Grand Ave. Portland OR 97214
SE greasy spoon dive/diner serves two purposes: Liquoring up the morning crowd as quickly as possible, and warding off the hangovers/cocaine induced morning insomnia amongst PDX's scenesters.

9950 SE Stark Portland OR
A fine little strip club just across the street (and in direct competition with) Club 205. Opens early in the AM with an all day happy hour.

Night Light Lounge Specifically: Brunch / Saturday / Sunday
2100 SE Clinton St Portland OR 97202
Sexy as hell is one way to describe this loin-loosening box of pure atmosphere.

Nite Hawk Cafe & Lounge
6423 N Interstate Ave. Portland OR 97217
Large North Portland dive delivers as it did in it's glorious smoke filled past, albeit with a shiny new surfaces that do little to mask it's true nature.

Nob Hill Bar & Grill
937 NW 23rd Ave. Portland OR 97210
"But the burgers...". What about'em? Completely ordinary. Still, as sustainable eateries and posh boutiques completely zone out the fun, it is good to know that this shithole stubbornly survives.

Northside Lounge
1730 N Lombard St. Portland OR 97217
Dumpy little ramshackle joint with stiff'n'affordable drinks, naturally attached to a Chinese restaurant. Regular rummies 'round the bar, naturally.

Paddy's Specifically: Saturday / Sunday Sunday 11am-2pm
65 SW Yamhill St Portland OR 97204
"Irish" bar with good food and the largest wall of liquor in Portland.

Park City Pub
8025 NE Sandy Blvd Portland Or 97213
Non-descript, but according to a Google query, much beloved.

627 SW Washington St Portland OR 97204
Downtown bistro that's popular with the suits for happy hour.

Perch Tavern
7505 N Lombard St. Portland OR 97203
Surreal, woodsy, owl themed joint, with off-kilter regulars, and staff to boot, ergo, a must on any St. Johns crawl.

Pink Feather Restaurant & Lounge
14154 SE Division St. Portland OR 97236
If kitsch had volume, this one is turned up to 11. Family restaurant style dive serves up some of the stiffer drinks east of 82nd.

Produce Row Cafe Specifically: Saturday / Sunday Sunday 10am-2pm
204 SE Oak St Portland OR 97214
The working man's bar with 24 taps, a huge patio and occasional live music.

Pub 181 Specifically: Monday-FridayMonday-Friday til 11am / Saturday / Sunday Sunday til 1pm
18415 SE Division Gresham OR 97030
Under new ownership. We'll have to check it out.

Radio Room
1101 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211
Swell neighborhood bar with a covered heated upstairs patio (good for smokers) and a patio with a firepit downstairs.

Railside Pub
5301 NE Portland Hwy Portland OR 97218
Out of the Way Rock Bar

Red's Bar & Grill
7015 SE Foster Rd 97206
Cozy neighborhood joint that serves breakfast on the weekends. Bloody Mary bar!

Renner's Grill
7819 SW Capitol Hwy Portland OR 97219
SW dive open since 1939.

529 SW 4th Ave Portland OR 97204
Huge pool room open since 1920 with OTB attached. Dancing to come soon.

Ringo's Bar & Grill Specifically: 9am-12pm
12300 SW Broadway Portland OR 97005
Sports bar in Beaverton apparently known for their burgers.

Safari Show Club Specifically: all day
3000 SE Powell Blvd Portland OR 97202
Strip club with large deck complete with a pool!

Sam's Hollywood Billiards
1845 NE 41st Ave Portland OR 97212
Enormous and reasonably priced pool hall.

Sandy Hut
1430 NE Sandy Blvd Portland OR 97232
Portland institution patronized by all walks of life. Cheap! Remodeled tastefully, think of Old hipster L.A....

Sckavones Specifically: 11am-2pm
4100 SE Division St Portland OR 97202
Neighborhood Diner with a Full Bar

Scoreboard Tavern
4822 SE Division St. Portland OR 97206
Divey sports bar on SE Division.

Silver Dollar Pizza Specifically: Saturday / 10am-3pm / Sunday / 10am-3pm
501 NW 21st Ave Portland OR 97209
Neighborhood Pizza and sports bar on NW 21st.

Skybox Pub Specifically: Weekends
7981 SE Milwaukie Blvd Portland OR 97202
Sellwood sports bar filled to the gills with memorabilia and TVs.

Slappy Cakes
4246 SE Belmont St. Portland OR 97215
Make Your Own Pancakes breakfast spot with tasty drinks.

Slim's Restaurant & Lounge
8635 N Lombard St Portland OR 97203
Dive bar in St Johns with a huge menu and live music usually of the acoustic vein.

Slingshot Lounge Specifically: SaturdaySaturday 12pm-4pm / Sunday Sunday 12pm-4pm
5532 SE Center St Portland OR 97206
Hipping up Foster with seasoned bartenders and a house cat.

Space Room Lounge and Genies Too
4800 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97215
Legendary upper Hawthorne bar known for its stiff drinks and awesome Portland murals. Diner attached (Genies Too) for some stiff drinks and yummy food.

Spare Room Specifically: $4 specials 7am-11am
4830 NE 42nd Ave Portland OR 97218
Huge bar with many cheap specials throughout the day and a wide variety of entertainment at night including bingo, karaoke, movies and live music.

Spirit of '77
500 NE MLK Jr. Blvd Portland OR 97232
Spacious Blazers bar (hence, '77, the last year they pretty much did anything), with plenty of games, bike parking, and a decent balcony patio.

Stag PDX Specifically: Brunch drag show 11am-3pm!
317 NW Broadway portland or 97209
Gay bar, with karaoke through the week, and drag brunch on the weekends. Their Annex bar has pool table. $3 cover Fri & Sat after 9:30pm

Suki's Bar & Grill
2401 SW 4th Ave. Portland OR 97201
Fantastic dive below a Travelodge, just across the 405 from PSU.

Sweet Home Bar & Grill
2824 N. Lombard. Portland OR 97217

Swift Lounge Specifically: brunch Sat & Sun
1932 NE Broadway Portland OR 97232
Quaint bar/lounge with upscale food and cocktails.

Thatcher's Specifically: Mondays - Fridays / 9am-12pm / Saturdays And Sundays / 9am-2pm / Bloody Mary Bar
7906 SE Stark St Portland OR 97215
Montivilla neighborhood bar with a variety of entertainment and a pledge to be the "local hangout."

The Country Cat
7937 SE Stark S Portland or 97215
More of a restaurant, but nice little spot in Montavilla.

The Decoy
10710 NW St Helens Road Portland OR 97231
Divey neighborhood bar just outside of Portland that serves chinese food, but isn't an Asian lounge.

The Lamp Specifically: Weekends Weekends 9am-2pm
3023 SE Milwaukie Blvd Portland OR 97202
Pre and Post-Aladdin shows bar. Or during an Aladdin show, if the opener sucks.

The Lodge
6605 SE Powell Blvd Portland OR 97206
Friendly Neighborhood Dive

The O'Neill Public House Specifically: Saturday / Sunday
6000 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97213
As authentically Irish as one can get in the US.

The Original
300 SW 6th St Portland OR 97204
Modern upscale "dinerant" in the heart of downtown.

The Overlook
1332 N Skidmore St, Portland OR 97217
Lounge attached to breakfast/Greek diner-type joint.

The Overlook Lounge
1332 North Skidmore Portland OR 97217
NOPO institution that has been around for over 60 years. Classic Amerian food intermingled with Greek dishes and breakfast daily.

The Waypost Specifically: Sundays
3120 N Williams Ave. 97227
More of a cafe than a bar, but they have live music, film nights and readings.

Thirsty Lion Pub Specifically: Weekends
71 SW 2nd Ave Portland OR 97204
"British" themed nightclub by CEG.

11215 SE Division St Portland OR 97266

Torta-Landia Specifically: Weekends at 11am
4144 SE 60th Portland OR
Tacos and Tortas! 2-for-1 tacos at Happy hour.

3805 SE 52nd Ave Portland OR 97206
Lower Foster Karaoke and Darts Paradise

Tusk Specifically: brunch Sat & Sun
2448 E Burnside St portland OR 97214
Mediterranean style restaurant with yummy greens and scrumptious drinks. Takes reservations (via Resy).

Twilight Cafe & Bar
1420 SE Powell Blvd Portland OR 97202
SE diner with "attached" music venue hosting a wide variety of music.

Urban Farmer
525 SW Morrison St. Portland OR 97204
Farm to Table dining in the Nines Hotel

Utopia Lounge
1125 NE 82nd Ave Portland OR 97220
Dive bar within a Vietnamese restaurant.

Vita Cafe Specifically: daily
3023 Northeast Alberta Street Portland OR 97211

Wild Abandon Specifically: Brunch Sat & Sun 9am-2pm
2411 SE Belmont St Portland OR 97214
Belmont Bistro with excellent fare, drinks, and service

Yukon Tavern Specifically: Saturday / Sunday
5819 SE Milwaukie Blvd. Portland OR 97202
Funky Milwaukie Bar

Yur's Specifically: Saturday / Sunday
717 NW 16th Avenue Portland OR 97209
Awesomely cozy NW dive, unofficially the Radio Cab "lounge".