Places to Play Darts in Portland

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4th Down Bar & Grill
424 SW 4th Ave. Portland OR 97204
Sports bar in downtown.

A & L Pub Specifically: Steel Tip / 8 Boards / Soft Tip / 2 Boards
5933 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97213
Dark cavernous North Tabor sports bar, certainly a Pittsburgh Steelers fan outpost.

Bear Paw Inn Specifically: Soft Tip
3237 SE Milwaukie Ave. Portland OR 97202
Portland's home for the hopeless, this little SE dive is a bizarre ride to bottom.

Blitz Ladd Specifically: Soft Tip
2239 SE 11th Ave. Portland OR 97214
Enormous sports bar with good food, lots of games, a true sportsman's paradise.

Brix Tavern
1338 NW Hoyt St Portland OR 97209
Pearl District lounge/sports bar with a VIP loft area.

Casey's Nightclub & Lounge Specifically: 1 Board / Soft Tip
610 NW Couch St. Portland OR 97209
Casual gay lounge in Old Town

Clubhouse Bar & Grill Specifically: 1 Board / Soft Tip
5134 SW Beaverton Hillsdale HWY Portland OR 97221
Pretty typical sports bar in the 'burbs with a little something for everyone.

County Cork Public House Specifically: 4 / Steel Tip
1329 NE Fremont St. Portland OR 97212
Tame, family friendly version of an Irish pub.

Driftwood Tavern (D's Bar) Specifically: 4 boards
6732 NE Sandy Blvd 97213
Sports bar brought to you by folks from the Mid-West.

Dublin Pub
6821 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Portland OR 97225
Irish pub with live music 6 nights a week and 59! taps.

2126 SW Halsey St Troutdale OR 97060
Popular McMenamins destination for live music and weddings. Two golf courses, several pubs, movie theater, a soaking pool, two restaurants and a hotel. Sheesh!

Falco's Pub Specifically: 1 Board / Steel Tip
9950 SE Stark St. Portland OR 97216
Pudding shots!

Gladstone Street Pub
3737 SE Gladstone St. Portland OR 97202
One of the best places to play Cornhole in town!

Horse Brass Pub Specifically: 3 Boards / Steel Tip
4534 SE Belmont St Portland OR 97215
If only exempted from the smoking ban, the Horse Brass is perhaps the best American representation of a British pub thus far.

Life of Riley Tavern Specifically: Steel Tip
300 NW 10th Ave. Portland OR 97209
Not so much a dive, but as far as down to earthiness in the Pearl, the closest thing you will get aside from the Low Brow.

Maher's Pub
352 B Ave Lake Oswego OR 97034
Irish pub in Lake Oswego featuring organic produce and monthly "Meet the Brewer" nights.

Migration Brewing Specifically: 2 Boards / Steel Tip
2828 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97232
Beer-only microbrew joint's fantastic beers attract early afternoon beer geeks & patio sun-seekers.

Moon and Sixpence Specifically: 2 Boards / Steel Tip
2014 NE 42nd Ave. 97213
English Pub in Hollywood, with few to none of the Americanized proto-British pub trappings.

North Bar Specifically: 1 board
5008 SE Division St. Portland OR 97206
Friendly neighborhood bar on a very busy corner.

Pints Specifically: Steel Tip
412 NW 5th Ave Portland OR 97209

Red's Bar & Grill Specifically: 2 boards
7015 SE Foster Rd 97206
Cozy neighborhood joint that serves breakfast on the weekends. Bloody Mary bar!

Rock Bottom Brewery
210 SW Morrison St Portland OR 97204
Run of the mill national microbrewery chain with average food and less than desirable beer. You won't find many true locals here (read - popular with the suburbanites and tourists).

Rose and Thistle Specifically: 1 Board
2314 NE Broadway St. Portland OR 97232
Everything you'd expect from a Scottish pub with the addition of a lovely patio out back.

Sam's Hollywood Billiards
1845 NE 41st Ave Portland OR 97212
Enormous and reasonably priced pool hall.

Scoreboard Tavern Specifically: 2 boards
4822 SE Division St. Portland OR 97206
Divey sports bar on SE Division.

Ship Specifically: 2 boards
7827 SW 35th Ave Portland OR 97219
Neighborhood bar with a Chicago sports theme and free peanuts on Thursdays.

Side Bar Specifically: 1 Board
3901 B N Williams Ave Portland OR 97227
Cozy New Old Lompoc tasting room adjacent to Fifth Quadrant. Free Peanuts.

Silver Dollar Pizza Specifically: 1 Board / Steel Tip
501 NW 21st Ave Portland OR 97209
Neighborhood Pizza and sports bar on NW 21st.

Skyline Tavern
8031 NW Skyline Blvd Portland OR 97229
Old-school bar on Skyline Drive with a huge outdoor space for horseshoes, BBQs and watching the sunset.

Spirit of '77 Specifically: 3 Boards / Steel Tip
500 NE MLK Jr. Blvd Portland OR 97232
Spacious Blazers bar (hence, '77, the last year they pretty much did anything), with plenty of games, bike parking, and a decent balcony patio.

The O'Neill Public House Specifically: 2 Boards / Steel Tip
6000 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97213
As authentically Irish as one can get in the US.

Tom's 39th St. Sports Pub Specifically: 2 Boards / Soft Tip
3871 SE Division Portland OR 97202
Low rent sports bar attached to an old man's diner.

Trap Specifically: 5 Boards / Steel Tip
3805 SE 52nd Ave Portland OR 97206
Lower Foster Karaoke and Darts Paradise

Triple Nickel Specifically: 4 boards
3646 SE Belmont St Portland OR 97214
Popular Belmont bar known for stiff drinks and dart tournaments.

Twilight Room
5242 N Lombard St Portland OR 97203
Neighborhood bar that's popular with the U of Portland crowd.

Uptown Billiards Club Specifically: 2 Boards / Steel Tip / Free
120 NW 23rd Ave. Portland OR 97210
Exclusive old money era gentleman's billiard parlor sans any actual exclusivity, save for pricier food & beverages.

World Famous Kenton Club Specifically: 2 Boards / Steel Tip
2025 N Kilpatrick St. Portland OR 97217
Excellent NoPo dive with gruff but lovable service, colorful regulars, and frequent alt-country/rock acts.

717 NW 16th Avenue Portland OR 97209
Awesomely cozy NW dive, unofficially the Radio Cab "lounge".