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Bars that allow children in Portland

4th Down Bar & Grill
424 SW 4th Ave. Portland OR 97204
Sports bar in downtown.

5th Quadrant
3901 N. Williams Ave. Portland OR 97227
Awesome beer, decent food. Kids.

Aladdin Theater
3017 SE Milwaukie Blvd. Portland OR 97202
Active since the 1920s, this east side venue is known for attracting a wide variety of well known acts.

Alameda Brewhouse
4765 NE Fremont St. Portland OR 97213
The typical family friendly brew pub, boasting award winning beers, and standard American fare snack options.

Alleyway Cafe & Bar
2415 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211
Bright and clean dive bar made with smokers and pinball aficionados in mind.

2454 E. Burnside St. Portland OR 97214
Hawaiian food (808=Ate-Oh-Ate=Hawaii's area code) with the requisite tropical cocktails.

Aztec Willie
1501 NE Broadway St Portland OR 97232
Kid friendly Taqueria/bar with Pan-Latin dancing/lessons.

Bagdad Theater
3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97214
McMenamins theater on Hawthorne, great sidewalk seating for (1) people watching on a warm day, (2) cheap movie watching,(3) not much else.

Bamboo Grove
515 SW Carolina St. Portland OR 97239
Hawaiian joint, more of a restaurant than a bar, far and away in St. Johns.

Bar Bar
3943 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland OR 97227
Mississippi Studios attached bar.

Bar Carlo
6433 Foster Road Portland OR 97206
Foster bar/restaurant featuring eclectic events and double ounce mid-shelf well. movies (wed), art night (thur), gay mondays, service industry sundays. Brunch 8-3 weekends.

Bar Mingo
811 NW 21st Ave. Portland OR 97210
Reasonably priced Italiano on NW 21st.

Barley Mill Pub
1629 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97214
The McMenamins Brothers' original flagship, 2 stories, and bedecked in Grateful Dead and other hippie memorabilia.

Bazi Bierbrasserie
1522 SE 32nd Ave Portland OR 97214
Belgian bier lover's paradise located just off of Hawthorne.

1919 SE Columbia River Dr Vancouver WA 98661
Disney sponsored bar in Vancouver.

Belmont Station Specifically: til 7pm outside
4500 SE Stark St. Portland OR 97215
1200 beers by the bottle, 16 taps, and oddly on Stark Street, not Belmont.

Biddy McGraw's
6000 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97213
As authentically Irish as one can get in the US.

215 SE 9th Ave. Portland OR 97214
Famed noodle house in the Pine Street Theater building.

Blackbird Pizza Specifically: Until 10pm
1935 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214

Blind Onion Pizza Pub
3345 NE Broadway. Portland OR 97232
Pizza place with free garlic. Beer only.

Blitz 99W Specifically: til 9pm
10935 SW 68th Parkway on Hwy 99W Tigard OR 97223
Brand new Blitz in Tigard.

Blitz Ladd Specifically: 'Til 9pm
2239 SE 11th Ave. Portland OR 97214
Enormous sports bar with good food, lots of games, a true sportsman's paradise.

Blue Monk Specifically: til 9:30pm
3341 SE Belmont St. Portland OR 97214
Two level bar and music venue with an enormous beer list.

Blue Moon Specifically: til 9pm
432 NW 21st Ave. Portland OR 97209
One of the Better McMenamin Choices

Bread and Ink
3610 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214
Long-standing bistro on Hawthorne.

Breakside Brewery
820 NE Dekum St. Portland OR 97211
Open airy brewpub in North Portland with large communal tables and roll up windows.

Bridgeport Alehouse
3632 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97214
Typical Alehouse

Bridgeport Brewpub
1313 NW Marshall St. Portland OR 97209
Bridgeport's sterile flagship brewpub in the Pearl.

Broadway Grill & Brewery
1700 NE Broadway Portland OR 97232
Totally unremarkable brewpub in the Lloyd district, easily missed, and even better avoided.

Buffalo Gap
6835 SW Macadam Ave Portland OR 97219
Multi-roomed saloon with free live music most nights.

Bunk Bar
1028 SE Water Avenue Portland OR 97214
Subway's Jared Fogle Bar it is not. Sandwich shop of considerable repute opens up a neo-modern hipster mecca.

Bye and Bye Specifically: 'Til 9pm
1011 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211
Vegan dream scene, though you wouldn't know it.

Caldera Public House
6031 SE Stark St. Portland OR 97215
Bright little Tabor side neighborhood bar. So easily off the beaten path.

Captain Ankeny's Well Specifically: 'Til 9pm
50 SW 3rd Ave. Portland OR 97204
Captain Ankeny's serves as the pre-func/food court green room in the venue blocks of Old Town.

Casa Naranja
4205 N Mississippi Ave. Portland OR 97217
An orange house with small plates - you do the math.

Cascade Brewing Barrel Room
939 SE Belmont St. Portland OR 97214
Microbrewery/brewpub specializing in sour beers

1331 SW Washington St. Portland OR 97205
Perfect pre-Crystal or post ART mainstay.

Chapel Pub
430 N Killingsworth St Portland OR 97217
Exactly what you would expect from a funeral home converted to a Mc-Bar.

Chez Machin
3553 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97215
Quaint crÍperie on Hawthorne serving up a slice of Paris daily.

Club Hollywood Sports Bar
4030 NE Halsey St. Portland OR 97232
The bar adjoining Hollywood Bowl.

Coalition Brewing
2705 SE Ankeny St. Portland OR 97214
Traditional Public House

Concordia Ale House
3276 NE Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97211
Beer geek/family haven in Concordia

County Cork Public House Specifically: til 9:30pm
1329 NE Fremont St. Portland OR 97212
Tame, family friendly version of an Irish pub.

2338 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211
Fantastic little box on Alberta with great tacos.

Curious Comedy Theater
5225 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland OR 97211

Davis Street Tavern
135 NW 5th Ave. Portland OR 97209
More restaurant than tavern, for sure.

Delta Cafe
4607 SE Woodstock Blvd. Portland OR 97206
Southern fare turned up to 11

Deschutes Brewery Pub
210 NW 11th Ave. Portland OR 97214
Enormous warehouse space furnished with reclaimed wood houses one of Oregon's most famous brewery and pub.

4612 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97215
Friendly Hawthorne taco house/tequila bar

Dots Cafe
2521 SE Clinton St. Portland OR 97202
An Original Portland Hipster Hangout

909 SW Park Ave Portland OR 97205
Sushi restaurant in the bottom of the Paramount Hotel.

East Burn Specifically: Upstairs 'til 9pm
1800 E Burnside St. Portland OR 97214
Two level bar has an upstairs restaurant with patio featuring swings instead of chairs and downstairs bar with skee-ball.

2126 SW Halsey St Troutdale OR 97060
Popular McMenamins destination for live music and weddings. Two golf courses, several pubs, movie theater, a soaking pool, two restaurants and a hotel. Sheesh!

1000 NW 17th Ave. Portland OR 97209

Fifteenth Avenue Hophouse
1517 NE Brazee St Portland OR 97212

Goose Hollow Inn
1927 SW Jefferson St Portland OR 97201
Nice neighborhood joint known for its Reuben and that Bud Clark's family still owns and operates it.

Grand Central Bowl
808 SE Morrison Portland OR 97214
Over priced bowling brought to you by CEG, yay.

Green Dragon
928 SE 9th Ave Portland OR 97214
Beer Snobs and Wanna Beer Snob Dream

Greg's Backyard Sports Bar
11307 NE Sandy Blvd 97220
Family friendly barbeque joint way out there on Sandy.

10350 SW Greenburg Rd Portland OR 97223

Hall of Records
3342 SE Belmont St Portland OR 97214
Record shop with a bar!

Hawthorne Hophouse Specifically: 'Til 9pm
4111 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214
Casual Brewpub with Good Food

Hawthorne Theater
3862 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214

Hedge House
3412 SE Division St Portland OR 97202
Friendly Neighborhood Pub

HobNob Grille
3350 SE Morrison Portland OR 97214
Spicy Neighborhood Bar with a Twist

Hopworks Urban Brewery
2944 SE Powell Blvd Portland OR 97202

Horse Brass Pub
4534 SE Belmont St Portland OR 97215
If only exempted from the smoking ban, the Horse Brass is perhaps the best American representation of a British pub thus far.

Jay's Mexican Bar & Grill
2200 NE Broadway St. Portland OR 97232

Katie O'Brien's Specifically: Until 8pm
2809 NE Sandy Blvd. Or 97232
This place is your quintessential neighborhood bar. With 34 carefully chosen beers on tap and comfy leather chairs to recline In while watching the (insert sportsball team here) game, you'll never want to leave.

Kells Irish Specifically: 'Til 10pm
112 SW 2nd Ave Portland OR 97204
Perfect for when you and 300 other amateur hour weekend warriors simply must have an authentically Americanized Irish bar experience...

Kennedy School Specifically: 'Til 9pm
5736 NE 33rd Ave. Portland OR 97211
It is an unwritten municipal code that all citizens are required to bring first time Portland visitors to this converted elementary school housing many "bars".

Kingston Specifically: 'Til 9pm
2021 SW Morrison St. Portland OR 97205
Sports bar with tons of rooms next to Jeld-Wen.

La Carreta
4534 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Portland OR 97202
Mexican restaurant with a surprisingly fun attached cantina, generally filled with neighborhood locals catching a 2am fajita and nightcap.

Laurelwood Public House
5115 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland OR 97213
Probably the most striking and accurate depiction of the family friendly brewpub stereotype. For some reason, parents love it.

Limelight Lounge
6708 SE Milwaukie Blvd Portland OR 97202
Loosely lime-lit neighborhood bar in Sellwood.

Lucky Labrador Beer Hall Specifically: 'Til 9pm
1945 NW Quimby St. Portland OR 97209
Crunchy, dog-friendly brew pub.

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub Specifically: 'Til 9pm
915 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214
Dog friendly brewpub, all trappings to be expected.

Lucky Labrador Public House Specifically: til 10pm
7675 SW Capitol Hwy. Portland OR 97219
Another Lucky Lab located in a former Freemason's house in SW

Lucky Labrador Tap Room Specifically: 'Til 9pm
1700 N. Killingsworth Portland OR 98217
Same as the other Lucky Labs, located in NoPo.

Lucky Strike
3862 Southeast Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97214
If only it were a toasted cigarette, Lucky Strike is more restaurant than bar, known for its cheap & tasty noodle bowls.

5833 SW Macadam Ave Portland OR 97239
Big old sports bar in John's Landing

Mash Tun
2204 NE Alberta St. Suite 101 Portland OR 97211
Rare anymore, it would seem, that a brewpub caters to, well, adults. Mash Tun fits the bill perfectly.

Matchbox Lounge Specifically: 'Til 9pm
3203 SE Division St. Portland OR 97202
Every so often, a bar will open that serves food of repute, ushering in keyboard critics snapping close ups of their burger with a cellphone. This, my friends, is Matchbox.

2050 SW Morrison St. Portland OR 97205
Completely ordinary Mexican restaurant/bar with no real discerning qualities, other than the clientele's perplexed stares at Ella St. Social Club patrons across the st.

Mee Sen
3924 N Mississippi Ave Portland OR 97227
This small, cozy, authentic Thai eatery with delicious food is a must if you are in the Mississippi area.

Mickey Finn's
4336 SE Woodstock Blvd 97206
Far and gone woodsy, family friendly neighborhood brewpub which could be downright annoying, if only it weren't for it's homey, sincere qualities.

Migration Brewing Specifically: 'Til 8pm
2828 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97232
Beer-only microbrew joint's fantastic beers attract early afternoon beer geeks & patio sun-seekers.

Miss Delta
3950 N Mississippi Ave. Portland OR 97227
Hand crafted cocktails served up with a hodge-podge collection of swamp food. Excellent happy hour.

Mission Theatre Specifically: 'Til 9pm
1624 NW Glisan St. Portland OR 97209
McMovie theater with balcony seating, $3 movies, and other frequent events.

Mississippi Studios
3939 N. Mississippi Portland OR 97227
Incredibly well designed venue with wide variety of acts.

Moon and Sixpence
2014 NE 42nd Ave. 97213
English Pub in Hollywood, with few to none of the Americanized proto-British pub trappings.

Muddy Rudder Public House Specifically: 'Til 8pm
8195 SE 7th Ave. Portland OR 97202
Early closing, family friendly Sellwood pub.

Nepo 42 Specifically: 'Til 9pm
5403 NE 42nd Ave. Portland OR 97218
Kind of a neighborhood family style pub, not really conducive to rambunctious drinking, but with two nearby dive bars, it's a welcome change.

Night Light Lounge Specifically: For Brunch
2100 SE Clinton St Portland OR 97202
Sexy as hell is one way to describe this loin-loosening box of pure atmosphere.

North 45 Specifically: 'Til 9pm
517 NW 21st Ave. Portland OR 97209
Swell back patio (non-smoking) and interesting drinks, tends toward the clean cut, pre-yuppie type crowd.

Oaks Bottom Public House
1621 SE Bybee Blvd. Portland OR 97202
Part of the Lompoc empire, this small, sleepy brewpub lulls you to complacency, perhaps a bit too much, before you realize: holy shit, Sellwood is a bit off the beaten path.

Pacific Pie Company
1520 SE 7th Ave Portland OR 97214
Not exactly a bar, but good happy hour filled with cheap Australian style pies and pasties.

65 SW Yamhill St Portland OR 97204
"Irish" bar with good food and the largest wall of liquor in Portland.

5101 N. Interstate Ave Portland OR 97217
More beloved eatery than a drinkery, still, it's a family friendly pub with style, and in such a barren tract of Interstate, you could do worse.

Peter's Bar & Grill
5701 NE Fremont St. Portland OR 97213
An often disused Northeast neighborhood sports bar, serves as an impromptu waiting room for the new Fire on The Mountain.

6410 SE Milwaukie Blvd Portland OR 97202
Family friendly brew pub with the atmosphere of an airport food court, absent mostly of fun. Depending on who you talk to, the Philly Cheese Steak ranges from delicious to utterly horrible.

Pope House Bourbon Lounge
2075 NW Glisan Portland OR 97209
At some point, it had to happen: A bourbon cocktail focused and derby themed bar would open in a NW Victorian home, and yes, bourbon flights are available.

Produce Row Cafe
204 SE Oak St Portland OR 97214
The working man's bar with 24 taps, a huge patio and occasional live music.

Pyramid Ale House
2730 NW 31st Ave Portland OR 97210

Raccoon Lodge
7424 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Beaverton OR 97225
Family friendly restaurant and brewpub brought to you by the creator of the Oregon Brewers Festival. Also home to Cascade Brewing.

Radio Room
1101 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211
Swell neighborhood bar with a covered heated upstairs patio (good for smokers) and a patio with a firepit downstairs.

Random Order Coffeehouse
1800 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211
Coffee, pie, and specialty cocktails.

Record Room Specifically: 'Til 7pm
8 NE Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97211
Buy and sell vinyl and tapes while sipping on a pint or a glass of wine.

Ringlers Pub
1332 W Burnside St Portland OR 97209
Huge McMenamins pool hall and weekend dance club below Crystal Ballroom.

Rock Bottom Brewery
210 SW Morrison St Portland OR 97204
Run of the mill national microbrewery chain with average food and less than desirable beer. You won't find many true locals here (read - popular with the suburbanites and tourists).

Rock Creek Tavern
10000 NW Old Cornelius Pass Rd Hillsboro OR 97124
Yet another McMenamins, this time in Hillsboro.

Rogue Ales Public House
1339 NW Flanders St Portland OR 97209
Relatively basic brewpub and distillery - an ultimate destination for traveling beer geeks. Go on your birthday and get a free t-shirt!

Rose and Thistle
2314 NE Broadway St. Portland OR 97232
Everything you'd expect from a Scottish pub with the addition of a lovely patio out back.

Roseland Theatre
10 NW 6th Ave. Portland OR 97209
1300 person capacity live music venue in the heart of downtown.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
309 SW 3rd Ave Portland 97204
Expensive steakhouse chain.

Salvador Molly's
1523 SW Sunset Blvd. Beaverton OR 97239
Family owned restaurant with flavors from around the world with a dirt cheap happy hour menu.

Sapphire Hotel
5008 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97215
Great date bar located inside a former hotel that was frequented by the ladies of the night.

4100 SE Division St Portland OR 97202
Neighborhood Diner with a Full Bar

Siam Society
2703 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211
Upscale Thai restaurant housed in a former sub-power station.

Slappy Cakes
4246 SE Belmont St. Portland OR 97215
Make Your Own Pancakes breakfast spot with tasty drinks.

Slim's Restaurant & Lounge
8635 N Lombard St Portland OR 97203
Dive bar in St Johns with a huge menu and live music usually of the acoustic vein.

Spirit of '77
500 NE MLK Jr. Blvd Portland OR 97232
Spacious Blazers bar (hence, '77, the last year they pretty much did anything), with plenty of games, bike parking, and a decent balcony patio.

St. John's Pub
8203 N Ivanhoe St. Portland OR 97203
Yet another McMenamins outlet with a movie theater.

Stammtisch Specifically: Until 10
401ne 28th Portland OR 97232
This reletively new German bar was recently named best bar in Portland by Willamette Week. 18 German beers and authentic German food make this a great place to have a nice dinner and a good beer.

Sungari's Dragonwell Bistro
101 SW Yamhill Street Portland OR 97204
Kick-ass Chinese restaurant.

Sunshine Tavern
3111 SE Division Portland OR 97227
Tavern and bistro with games!

28 NE 28th Ave Portland OR 97232
Cajun/Creole restaurant that serves up their dishes tapas style.

Tavin's Sports Pub
102 NE Russell St Portland OR 97212
Sports bar on Russell Street. Five BIG TVs and every sports event EVER on, UFC fights too! Homemade food, fresh ingredients.

The Decoy
10710 NW St Helens Road Portland OR 97231
Divey neighborhood bar just outside of Portland that serves chinese food, but isn't an Asian lounge.

The Lovecraft Specifically: 'Til 5pm
421 SE Grand Ave. Portland OR 97214
As evidenced by it's name, the Lovecraft is a horror themed bar. It's also a tea shop by day?

The Old Shucking Room (Dan & Louis's)
208 SW Ankeny St. Portland OR 97204
Small all wooden lounge attached to Dan and Louis Oyster Bar, open since 1907!

The Original
300 SW 6th St Portland OR 97204
Modern upscale "dinerant" in the heart of downtown.

The Overlook
1332 N Skidmore St, Portland OR 97217
Lounge attached to breakfast/Greek diner-type joint.

The Parlour
2628 SE Powell Blvd 97202
Odd little cafe/bar/venue that's only open on weekends.

The Ram's Head
2282 NW Hoyt St Portland OR 97210
Yet another McMenamin's. This time on NW 23rd Ave.

The Waypost
3120 N Williams Ave. 97227
More of a cafe than a bar, but they have live music, film nights and readings.

Thirsty Lion Pub at Washington Square
10205 SW Washington Square Rd, Tigard OR 97223

Tik Tok on 82nd
3330 SE 82nd Ave Portland OR 97226
It's the Tik Tok. On 82nd.

11215 SE Division St Portland OR 97266

Tillicum Club
8484 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Portland OR 97205
What's in a name anyway? Certainly, a worthwhile spot if you have a DD to take you to Portland's fringes.

1410 SE 12th Ave Portland OR 97214
Popular coffee shop that serves beer and sandwiches with a nice heated deck overlooking Hawthorne's hip food cart lot.

Tiny's Cafe
2031 NE MLK Blvd Portland OR 97212
Hip coffee shop that serves beer.

Upright Brewing Company
240 N Broadway Portland OR 97227
Tasting room only for a fab Brewery by the Rose Quarter.

232 SW Ankeny St. Portland OR 97204
Cozy and comfortable downtown joint that feels like a living room, with two floors to throw back a cheap PBR can or a nice cocktail.

Vincente's V-Room & The Winking Toad
1935 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214
Vincente's has a bar that's open late!

Vino Paradiso
417 NW 10th Ave Portland OR 97209
Unpretentious NW Wine Bar, soon to change names to Coppia.

11700 SE 7th St Vancouver WA 98683
Wine bar and cellar attached to Cinetopia serving over 100 varietals of wine by the taste or glass.

Vita Cafe
3023 Northeast Alberta Street Portland OR 97211

2112 NW Hoyt St. Portland Or 97210
Private booth karaoke parlor, beer/wine/sake only.

w xyz
9920 NE Cascades Parkway Portland OR 97220
An airport hotel bar in the Cascade Station/Ikea mega-box complex.

West Slope Bar & Grill
8775 SW Canyon Lane Portland OR 97225

Whiskey Bar & Lounge
31 NW 1st Ave Portland OR 97209
Old Town Dance Club

Widmer Gasthaus
929 N Russell St Portland OR 97227

Wild Abandon
2411 SE Belmont St Portland OR 97214
Belmont Bistro with excellent fare, drinks, and service

Yakuza Lounge
5411 NE 30th Ave Portland OR 97211
Izakaya at 30th and Killingsworth with a rad patio.

Zach's Shack
4611 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97215
Hot dog joint with patio and games.