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Bars in North Portland


5th Quadrant
3901 N. Williams Ave. Portland OR 97227
Awesome beer, decent food. Kids.

820 N. Russell St. Portland OR 97227
Owned by nationally renowned mixtress Lucy Brennan, you will be in the presence of greatness.

Alibi Specifically: Interstate / MAX
4024 N. Interstate Ave. Portland OR 97227
Famed Portland tiki bar brimming with dark volcanic islandy charm. Located on the Max yellow line.

Amnesia Brewing Specifically: Mississippi
832 N. Beech St. Portland OR 97227
Mississippi Ave brewery and pub stationed in an old warehouse with roll up garage doors and a huge covered patio.

Anchor Bar Specifically: Hayden Island
11915 North Center Ave Portland OR 97217
Sports bar off the beaten path with tons of ridiculously cheap specials running daily.

Atlantis Lounge (Mississippi Pizza) Specifically: Mississippi
3552 N. Mississippi Ave Portland OR 97227
Oddly eclectic event boasting lounge attached to Mississippi Pizza Pub.

Bar Bar Specifically: Mississippi
3943 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland OR 97227
Mississippi Studios attached bar.

Box Social Specifically: Williams / Boise
3971 N. Williams Ave Portland OR 97277
For lack of better a description, another "specialty cocktail lounge in a box".

Casa Naranja Specifically: Mississippi
4205 N Mississippi Ave. Portland OR 97217
An orange house with small plates - you do the math.

Chapel Pub
430 N Killingsworth St Portland OR 97217
Exactly what you would expect from a funeral home converted to a Mc-Bar.

Chopsticks III: The How Can Be Lounge
535 NE Columbia Blvd Portland OR 97217
Out of the way karaoke bar with no crowds

Crow Bar Specifically: Mississippi
3954 N. Mississippi Ave Portland OR 97227
Dark dive with a friendly crowd.

Dancin' Bare Specifically: Kenton
8440 N Interstate Ave. Portland OR 97217
Naked ladies, can I say more.

Ducketts Specifically: PCC
825 N. Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97217
Small little student/rock/dive bar near PCC with decent patio.

Eagle Portland
835 N Lombard St Portland OR 97217
Bear bar! 'Nuff said.

Eat: An Oyster Bar
3808 North Vancouver Ave Portland OR 97227
A little slice of New Orleans in Portland. Bourbon flights and live music on Thursdays.

Farmer's Barn
7421 N Denver Ave Portland OR 97217

Fixin' To
8218 North Lombard Portland OR 97217
You'll feel at home even if you're not a southerner.

Florida Room Specifically: PCC
435 N. Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97217
Great local bar for weekdays or weekends.

Foggy Notion
3416 N Lombard St. Portland OR 97217
Relax by Day, Party by Night

George's Corner Sports Bar
5501 N Interstate Ave. Portland OR 97217
Friendly little Interstate dive with much raved about burgers.

Grain and Gristle
1473 NE Prescott St Portland OR 97211
Woodsy restro-pub whose namesake indicates an obvious beer'n'meat focus.

Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill
5421 N. Greeley Avenue Portland OR 97217
Neighborhood bar with it all. Sports, VJs, Live bands and Poker Nights,

Interstate Bar & Grill Specifically: Interstate / MAX
4234 N Interstate Ave. Portland OR 97217
N. Interstate dive easily mistaken for an automotive battery store.

Irish Town Specifically: Vancouver
11600 SE Mill Plain Blvd Suite F Vancouver WA 98684
Irish bar in a strip mall in Vancouver that also serves Asian food?

Kenton Station
8303 N Denver Ave. Portland OR 97217
Unassuming run of the mill pub & grill in Kenton. Closes early.

Leisure Public House Specifically: St. Johns
8002 N Lombard St. Portland OR 97203
A neighborhood bar for sure, though slightly higher end. Patio mecca with concrete ping-pong table, bocce court, etc.

Lucky Labrador Tap Room
1700 N. Killingsworth Portland OR 98217
Same as the other Lucky Labs, located in NoPo.

LV's Sports Bar and Grill
3530 N Vancouver Ave Portland OR 97212
Formerly known as Twelve 22, this bar has apparently cleaned itself up and now serves soul food and burgers while showing all the games on the big screen.

Marie's Specifically: St. Johns
8727 N Lombard St. Portland OR 97203
Offensively well lit, and mauve painted, neighborhood bar in St. Johns. You can almost smell the perm chemicals.

Maui's on Williams Specifically: Mississippi
3508 N Williams Ave. Portland OR 97227
Cheap & friendly aquamarine cinder block box adorned with Hawaiian imagery restores warmth on cold a day.

Mee Sen
3924 N Mississippi Ave Portland OR 97227
This small, cozy, authentic Thai eatery with delicious food is a must if you are in the Mississippi area.

Miss Delta
3950 N Mississippi Ave. Portland OR 97227
Hand crafted cocktails served up with a hodge-podge collection of swamp food. Excellent happy hour.

Mississippi Studios Specifically: Mississippi
3939 N. Mississippi Portland OR 97227
Incredibly well designed venue with wide variety of acts.

Mock Crest Tavern Specifically: Kenton
3435 N. Lombard Portland OR 97217
Bright, intimate blues bar in North Portland.

Moloko Plus Specifically: Mississippi
3967 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland OR 97227
Clockwork Orange inspired modernist lounge with an excellent atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Mousetrap Tavern Specifically: Kenton
2305 N Lombard St. Portland OR 97217
Cash only North Portland dive. You have been warned.

Nite Hawk Cafe & Lounge Specifically: Interstate
6423 N Interstate Ave. Portland OR 97217
Large North Portland dive delivers as it did in it's glorious smoke filled past, albeit with a shiny new surfaces that do little to mask it's true nature.

Northside Lounge
1730 N Lombard St. Portland OR 97217
Dumpy little ramshackle joint with stiff'n'affordable drinks, naturally attached to a Chinese restaurant. Regular rummies 'round the bar, naturally.

Occidental Brewing Specifically: St. Johns
6635 N Baltimore Ave Portland OR 97203

Pause Specifically: Interstate
5101 N. Interstate Ave Portland OR 97217
More beloved eatery than a drinkery, still, it's a family friendly pub with style, and in such a barren tract of Interstate, you could do worse.

Perch Tavern Specifically: St. Johns
7505 N Lombard St. Portland OR 97203
Surreal, woodsy, owl themed joint, with off-kilter regulars, and staff to boot, ergo, a must on any St. Johns crawl.

Ponderosa Lounge
10350 N Vancouver Way Portland OR 97217
Huge truckstop honky-tonk, offers free dance lessons, all things C&W.

Portway Tavern Specifically: St. Johns
7600 N Willamette Blvd Portland OR 97203
St. Johns dive

4237 N. Mississippi Ave Portland OR 97217
German pub with Das Boot and a patio.

Record Room
8 NE Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97211
Buy and sell vinyl and tapes while sipping on a pint or a glass of wine.

Red Fox
5128 N Albina Ave Portland OR 97217
Small hipster bar with $1 cans of Old German all of the time.

1004 N Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97217
Self-described bottle shop and Pasty Tavern that is a beer geeks haven.

Secret Society
116 NE Russell St. Portland OR 97212
Tiny upstairs bar housed in a former mason's meeting hall (thus the name) that serves up classic cocktails and European style eats.

Side Bar
3901 B N Williams Ave Portland OR 97227
Cozy New Old Lompoc tasting room adjacent to Fifth Quadrant. Free Peanuts.

Slim's Restaurant & Lounge Specifically: St. Johns
8635 N Lombard St Portland OR 97203
Dive bar in St Johns with a huge menu and live music usually of the acoustic vein.

Sloan's Tavern
36 N Russell St Portland OR 97227
Family owned bar with decor from the 70's. Closes early.

St. John's Pub Specifically: St. Johns
8203 N Ivanhoe St. Portland OR 97203
Yet another McMenamins outlet with a movie theater.

Sundown Pub Specifically: St. Johns
5903 N Lombard St Portland OR 97203
Cozy vegetarian pub in St John's.

Sweet Home Bar & Grill
2824 N. Lombard. Portland OR 97217

Tavern On Denver Specifically: Kenton
8234 N Denver Ave Portland OR 97217

Tavin's Sports Pub
102 NE Russell St Portland OR 97212
Sports bar on Russell Street. Five BIG TVs and every sports event EVER on, UFC fights too! Homemade food, fresh ingredients.

The Decoy
10710 NW St Helens Road Portland OR 97231
Divey neighborhood bar just outside of Portland that serves chinese food, but isn't an Asian lounge.

The Liberty Glass Bar & Grill Specifically: Mississippi
938 N. Cook Ave. Portland OR 97227
Lovely bar located in a two story house that's adorned with antlers. Known for great food, bingo, and Tuesday night's Spaghetti Feed.

The Overlook Specifically: Overlook
1332 N Skidmore St, Portland OR 97217
Lounge attached to breakfast/Greek diner-type joint.

The Overlook Lounge
1332 North Skidmore Portland OR 97217
NOPO institution that has been around for over 60 years. Classic Amerian food intermingled with Greek dishes and breakfast daily.

The Waypost
3120 N Williams Ave. 97227
More of a cafe than a bar, but they have live music, film nights and readings.

Twelve 22
3530 N Vancouver Ave Portland OR 97227
Now LV's Sports Bar and Grill.

Twilight Room
5242 N Lombard St Portland OR 97203
Neighborhood bar that's popular with the U of Portland crowd.

Upright Brewing Company
240 N Broadway Portland OR 97227
Tasting room only for a fab Brewery by the Rose Quarter.

4306 N Williams Ave. Portland OR 97217
Open airy concrete "art box" with a hell of a patio.

White Eagle
836 N Russell St Portland OR 97227
McMenamins bar with great arcitecture and character.

Who Song & Larry's Specifically: Vancouver
111 E Columbian Hwy Vancouver WA 98660
Just across the Columbia with a huge deck overlooking said river.

Widmer Gasthaus
929 N Russell St Portland OR 97227

Wishing Well
8800 N Lombard St Portland OR 97203
Cheap Drinks and Eats

World Famous Kenton Club Specifically: Kenton
2025 N Kilpatrick St. Portland OR 97217
Excellent NoPo dive with gruff but lovable service, colorful regulars, and frequent alt-country/rock acts.

Your Inn
7004 N Catlin Ave Portland OR 97203
For Reals NoPo Neighborhood Bar