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Bars with Pinball in Portland


4th Down Bar & Grill
424 SW 4th Ave. Portland OR 97204
Sports bar in downtown.

A & L Pub
5933 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97213
Dark cavernous North Tabor sports bar, certainly a Pittsburgh Steelers fan outpost.

Agenda Specifically: 3 Machines / NBA / Star Trek / Terminator 2
2366 SE 82nd Ave. Portland OR 97216
Former Steinhaus made over into an 82nd Ave rock bar.

Alleyway Cafe & Bar Specifically: 3 Machines / Addams Family / Simpsons / CSI
2415 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211
Bright and clean dive bar made with smokers and pinball aficionados in mind.

4620 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97215
Cheap, friendly unassuming dive with a rock steady juke and a diverse hodgepodge of patrons.

Apex Specifically: Indiana Jones
1216 SE Divison St Portland OR 97202
Cyclist friendly, with a nice sized patio, sporting 50 taps.

B-Side Tavern
632 E Burnside St. Portland OR 97214
Nice dive on lower Burnside with a fantastic jukebox, patio, and colorful service.

Bare Bones Bar Specifically: 2 Machines / Indiana Jones / Sopranos
2900 SE Belmont St. Portland OR 97214
Friendly Belmont bar with stiff drinks and a killer jukebox.

Basement Pub Specifically: 3
1028 SE 12th Ave Portland OR 97214
Popular neighborhood bar that isn't exactly a basement.

Belmont Inn Specifically: 4 Machines
3357 SE Belmont St. Portland OR 97214
Much more than just your average sports bar. This place has a bit to offer for everyone. From karaoke and trivia to pool and pinball. round it out with 25 beers on tap and you've got a good bar.

118 NE 28th Ave. Portland OR 97232
Cafe by day, quintessential Portland punk bar by night.

Biddy McGraw's Specifically: 3 Machines
6000 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97213
As authentically Irish as one can get in the US.

Billy Ray's Specifically: 6 Machines
2216 NE MLK Blvd. Portland OR 97212
Friendly neighborhood bar on MLK with two-levels a plethora of pinball machines and a patio.

Bitter End Specifically: 2 machines
1981 W Burnside St. Portland OR 97209
Popular bar for the pre/post Timbers crowd. Recently re-opened.

Black Cat Tavern
8230 SE 13th Ave. Portland OR 97202
One of the few remaining beer only taverns in Portland.

Blackbird Pizza Specifically: 3 machines
1935 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214

Blitz Ladd Specifically: 2 Machines / Ripley's Believe It Or Not / Pirates Of The Caribbean
2239 SE 11th Ave. Portland OR 97214
Enormous sports bar with good food, lots of games, a true sportsman's paradise.

Blitz Pearl
110 NW 10th Ave. Portland OR 97209
Low key, multi storied sports bar in the Pearl.

BOG (Bar of the Gods) Specifically: Monster Mash / Congo / Iron Man / Sopranos
4801 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97215
The Gods are happy that this is their bar.

Bonfire Lounge Specifically: Avatar
2821 SE Stark St. Portland OR 97214
Nice dark little Stark gem.

Bunk Bar
1028 SE Water Avenue Portland OR 97214
Subway's Jared Fogle Bar it is not. Sandwich shop of considerable repute opens up a neo-modern hipster mecca.

C-Bar Specifically: 10 Machines / Black Knight 2000 / Road Kings / Twilight Zone / Judge Dread / Demolition Man / Creature From The Black Lagoon
2880 SE Gladstone St. Portland OR 97202
Stylish SE bar with a better than average menu.

Clinton Street Pub
2516 SE Clinton St. Portland OR 97202
Friendly little dive with a great juke.

Club 21 Specifically: 4 Machines / Medeval Madness / Sopranos / World Cup Soccer / Dracula
2035 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97232
Classic Portland dive/rocker green room. The gnome hut exterior boasts of currently unavailable "Steaks for Your Enjoyment."

Clubhouse Bar & Grill Specifically: 1 Machine
5134 SW Beaverton Hillsdale HWY Portland OR 97221
Pretty typical sports bar in the 'burbs with a little something for everyone.

Conquistador Lounge Specifically: 3 Machines
2045 SE Belmont St. Portland OR 97214
Southeast sister to the venerable Matador.

Cosmo Lounge
6707 SE Milwaukie Blvd, Portland OR 97202
Sellwood dive freshly scrubbed from it's previous incarnation (Pogo's).

Crow Bar Specifically: 3 Machines / Attack From Mars / Scared Stiff / Medieval Madness
3954 N. Mississippi Ave Portland OR 97227
Dark dive with a friendly crowd.

Dilly's Bar & Grill Specifically: Indiana Jones
2002 SE Division St. Portland OR 97202
SE Clinton neighborhood dive.

Domenic's Bar & Grill
16065 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Milwaukie OR 97267
Enormous sports bar in Milwaukie with pretty much everything sports related you could ask for, plus Karaoke and Live Music!

Driftwood Tavern (D's Bar) Specifically: 4 machines
6732 NE Sandy Blvd 97213
Sports bar brought to you by folks from the Mid-West.

Ducketts Specifically: 3 Machines
825 N. Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97217
Small little student/rock/dive bar near PCC with decent patio.

Elk Rock Bar & Grill
14211 SE Mcloughlin Milwaukie OR 97268
By the looks of their website, We'd probably avoid this bar.

Florida Room Specifically: 2 machines
435 N. Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97217
Great local bar for weekdays or weekends.

Foggy Notion Specifically: 4 Machines / Avatar / Creature From The Black Lagoon / Earthshaker / Road Show
3416 N Lombard St. Portland OR 97217
Relax by Day, Party by Night

Fremont Ridge Inn
5103 NE Fremont St. Portland OR 97213
Unassuming neighborhood dive.

Goodfoot Lounge Specifically: 3 Machines / Indianapolis 500 / Johnny Mnemonic / Star Wars
2845 SE Stark St. Portland OR 97214
Split into 2 separate areas: upstairs pool hall & an downstairs funk-tified dancing kind of place.

Grand Central Bowl Specifically: 5 machines
808 SE Morrison Portland OR 97214
Over priced bowling brought to you by CEG, yay.

Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill
5421 N. Greeley Avenue Portland OR 97217
Neighborhood bar with it all. Sports, VJs, Live bands and Poker Nights,

Green Dragon
928 SE 9th Ave Portland OR 97214
Beer Snobs and Wanna Beer Snob Dream

Greg's Backyard Sports Bar
11307 NE Sandy Blvd 97220
Family friendly barbeque joint way out there on Sandy.

Ground Kontrol
511 NW Couch St. Portland OR 97209
Play every arcade game under the sun with a beer or cocktail in hand after 5pm.

Holman's Specifically: 2 Machines
15 SE 28th Ave. Portland OR 97214
Old fashioned bar & grill with a sweet outdoor patio.

Hungry Tiger Specifically: 1 Machine / Star Trek
207 SE 12th Ave Portland OR 97214
This staple portland bar war had new life breathed into it when new owners took over. It has since somehow been made considerably better than its predecessor and has become one of the best vegan/vegetarian friendly bar/restaurants in Portland.

12475 SW 1st St. Beaverton OR 97005

Jake's Place Specifically: 1 Machine
8039 SE 17th Ave. Portland OR 97202
Divey charms abound (an increasingly more difficult find in Sellwood).

Jimmy's Bar & Grill Specifically: 2 Machines
3017 SW Multnomah Blvd. Portland OR 97219

Lion's Eye Tavern Specifically: 2 Machines / Monopoly / Simpsons
5919 SE 82nd Ave. Portland OR 97266
Stands-tall-with-fists, it should be called. Cleaned up dive, charming and friendly, withstands the bottom of the barrel pressures surrounding it on SE 82nd.

Lucky Inn Specifically: 2 Machines
440 NE 28th Ave. 97232
Neighborhood dive leaning towards old punks, rockers, and skaters with a nicely did patio, cheap drinks and strangely, Italian food.

Lutz Tavern
4639 SE Woodstock Blvd Portland OR 97206
Iconic, freshly re-opened Woodstock dive.

Mickey Finn's Specifically: 1 Machine / Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
4336 SE Woodstock Blvd 97206
Far and gone woodsy, family friendly neighborhood brewpub which could be downright annoying, if only it weren't for it's homey, sincere qualities.

Momo Bar Maximo Specifically: 1 Machine
725 SW 10th Ave. Portland OR 97205
Not exactly a destination, though considering it's location, solid for sneaking a post downtown shopping happy hour drink, as evidenced by the crowd.

Montavilla Station Specifically: 1 Machine
417 SE 80th Ave Portland OR 97215
Perhaps too divey even for the skater/rocker crowd at Roscoe's, Montavilla Station's respiteful down-market confines serve its purpose with unintentional perfection.

Mudai Lounge Specifically: 1 Machine
801 NE Broadway Portland OR 97232
The marriage of Ethiopian restaurants and hipster/rocker hangouts is becoming a common theme in Portland, Mudai is no exception.

My Father's Place Specifically: 6 Machines / Batman / Iron Man / Avatar / Tron / Transformers / Medeval Madness
523 SE Grand Ave. Portland OR 97214
SE greasy spoon dive/diner serves two purposes: Liquoring up the morning crowd as quickly as possible, and warding off the hangovers/cocaine induced morning insomnia amongst PDX's scenesters.

North Bar
5008 SE Division St. Portland OR 97206
Friendly neighborhood bar on a very busy corner.

O'Malley's Specifically: Multiple Machines
6535 SE Foster Rd. Portland OR 97206
Large sized neighborhood bar that is typically never too busy with good humored service, and a unique "custom art" jukebox.

Railside Pub
5301 NE Portland Hwy Portland OR 97218
Out of the Way Rock Bar

Record Room Specifically: 3 Machines
8 NE Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97211
Buy and sell vinyl and tapes while sipping on a pint or a glass of wine.

Red Flag Specifically: 4 Machines
344 NE 28th Ave. 97232
Small hipster bar with a kick-ass jukebox and good food.

Rialto Poolroom Bar & Cafe
14411 SW Pacific Hwy Tigard OR 97224
Sister bar of downtown's Rialto

River Roadhouse
11921 SE 22nd Ave Portland OR 97222
Pool hall and music venue with pinball, golden tee and daily shot specials located in Milwaukie.

Rogue Ales Public House Specifically: 1 Machine / Addams Family
1339 NW Flanders St Portland OR 97209
Relatively basic brewpub and distillery - an ultimate destination for traveling beer geeks. Go on your birthday and get a free t-shirt!

Scooter McQuade's
1321 SW Washington St Portland OR 97205
Popular pre-Crystal Ballroom shows and post-Timbers matches bar known for its potent Jello shots.

Scoreboard Tavern Specifically: 1 Machine
4822 SE Division St. Portland OR 97206
Divey sports bar on SE Division.

Shanghai Tunnel Specifically: 5 Machines
211 SW Ankeny Portland OR 97204
Always reliable downtown (and mainly downstairs) bar with great food, great staff and a nice sidewalk patio. Part of the legendary Shanghai Tunnels of yesteryear.

Ship Ahoy Tavern
2889 SE Gladstone St Portland OR 97202
Though you can see the glory of the c-bar across the street, this bar is for those that prefer something a little more low key.

Side Door
425 SE Washington St Portland OR 97214
Small cafe/bar around the corner from My Father's Place.

Silver Dollar Pizza II
225 SW Broadway Portland or 97205
Kind of a sports bar sans many sports fans, awkwardly fitting into it's place just up the street from landmark mainstays.

Slabtown Specifically: 13 Machines
1033 NW 16th Ave Portland OR 97209
To quote Slabtown's Twitter profile: "Portland's only pinball dive and rock club, forgotten in the shadow of I-405."

Slingshot Lounge
5532 SE Center St Portland OR 97206
Hipping up Foster with seasoned bartenders and a house cat.

Sloan's Tavern
36 N Russell St Portland OR 97227
Family owned bar with decor from the 70's. Closes early.

Spare Room Specifically: Family Guy / Lord Of The Rings
4830 NE 42nd Ave Portland OR 97218
Huge bar with many cheap specials throughout the day and a wide variety of entertainment at night including bingo, karaoke, movies and live music.

Star Bar Specifically: Rolling Stones
639 SE Morrison St. Portland OR 97214
Comfortable, casual inner Southeast bar with a great happy hour.

Suki's Bar & Grill Specifically: 2 Machines
2401 SW 4th Ave. Portland OR 97201
Fantastic dive below a Travelodge, just across the 405 from PSU.

Tanker Specifically: 2 Machines
4825 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97215
Nautical/skatepark influenced sports bar in Barmuda, ably operated by seasoned industry vets.

Tennessee Red's
2133 SE 11th Ave 97214
SE neighborhood BBQ joint that shows movies on Sundays and Mondays and plenty of sports for the fans.

The Crown Room Specifically: 3 Machines
205 NW 4th Ave Portland OR 97209
Extremely loud bar/venue that's awkwardly designed in layout, but has a wide variety of events that cater to a wide crowd.

The Decoy Specifically: 1 Machine
10710 NW St Helens Road Portland OR 97231
Divey neighborhood bar just outside of Portland that serves chinese food, but isn't an Asian lounge.

The Know Specifically: 2 Machines
2026 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211
Nice little Alberta rock/art bar with loud shows.

The Nest Specifically: 1 Machine
2715 SE Belmont Portland OR 97214
Though quite different from the old nest on Alberta, this bar is fantastic. 3 floors and a great patio make this bar a great place to spend your evening with cheap drinks and an eclectic crowd.

The Slammer Specifically: 2
500 SE 8th Ave Portland OR 97214
Laid back, no-frills SE local that's as popular with the warehouse workers as it is with the inner SE cool kids.

The Standard Specifically: 5 machines
14 NE 22nd Ave. Portland OR 97232
Portland Patio Favorite

The Vern Specifically: 4 machines
2622 SE Belmont St Portland OR 97214
It's not the $1.50 PBR that you want, it's the 1.50 PBR you deserve. Want to enjoy cheap drinks in a seedy paradise? The Vern is your place. The staff is great. Drinks are cheap.

1410 SE 12th Ave Portland OR 97214
Popular coffee shop that serves beer and sandwiches with a nice heated deck overlooking Hawthorne's hip food cart lot.

Twilight Room
5242 N Lombard St Portland OR 97203
Neighborhood bar that's popular with the U of Portland crowd.

Vincente's V-Room & The Winking Toad Specifically: 3 Machines / Black Rose / Dark Knight / Lord Of The Rings
1935 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland OR 97214
Vincente's has a bar that's open late!

White Owl Social Club
1305 SE 8th Ave Portland OR 97214
Former Plan B space with a few upgrades.

Wilshire Tavern
4052 NE 42nd Ave Portland OR 97213
Friendly cash only beer and wine bar.

World Famous Kenton Club Specifically: Pirates Of The Caribbean / Wheel Of Fortune
2025 N Kilpatrick St. Portland OR 97217
Excellent NoPo dive with gruff but lovable service, colorful regulars, and frequent alt-country/rock acts.

Yukon Tavern Specifically: 1 Machine
5819 SE Milwaukie Blvd. Portland OR 97202
Funky Milwaukie Bar