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Jolly Roger at John's Landing Specifically: Wednesday / Last Call Feud8:000pm Last Call Feud / Tuesday Tuesday 7pm » Back to Trivia
5627 Kelly Ave Portland OR 97239
12 hi def TV's all the sports packages daily food & drink specials Outdoor seating All lottery games

Bar Bar Specifically: Quizzy / Tuesday / 6:30pm » Back to Trivia
3943 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland OR 97227
Mississippi Studios attached bar.

Cider Mill Lounge Specifically: Last Call Trivia / Tuesday / 7:30pm » Back to Trivia
6712 SW Capitol Highway Portland OR 97219
Sports bar with live music and trivia, featuring the area's last Fryer Tuck's chicken.

Cruzroom Specifically: Shanrocks Triviology / Tuesday / 7pm » Back to Trivia
2338 NE Alberta St. Portland OR 97211
Fantastic little box on Alberta with great tacos.

Gil's Speakeasy Specifically: Shanrocks Triviology / Tuesday / 8pm » Back to Trivia
609 1/2 SE Taylor St. Portland OR 97214
Small, hard to find bar with a huge personality.

Iconic Lounge Specifically: Tuesdays / Video Trivia With Geeks Who Drink 8:00pm Video Trivia With Geeks Who Drink » Back to Trivia
2226 NE Broadway Portland OR 97232

Kennedy School Specifically: Portland Geek Trivia / Tuesday / Every Other Tuesday At 7:30pm » Back to Trivia
5736 NE 33rd Ave. Portland OR 97211
It is an unwritten municipal code that all citizens are required to bring first time Portland visitors to this converted elementary school housing many "bars".

Leisure Public House Specifically: Tuesday / 7:30pm » Back to Trivia
8002 N Lombard St. Portland OR 97203
A neighborhood bar for sure, though slightly higher end. Patio mecca with concrete ping-pong table, bocce court, etc.

Momo Bar Maximo Specifically: Last Call Trivia / Tuesday / 7pm » Back to Trivia
725 SW 10th Ave. Portland OR 97205
Not exactly a destination, though considering it's location, solid for sneaking a post downtown shopping happy hour drink, as evidenced by the crowd.

New Old Lompoc Specifically: Katie Shimer / Tuesday / 7:30pm » Back to Trivia
1616 NW 23rd Ave. Portland OR 97210
'Tis a brewpub designed for drinkers first, beer geeks second, with amiable yet edgy service and sporting a fantastic outdoor patio for smokers.

Old Barn Specifically: Last Call Trivia / Tuesday / 7:30pm / Wednesday / 8pm » Back to Trivia
9656 SW Barbur Blvd. Portland OR 97219

Rogue Ales Public House Specifically: 7pm / Tuesday / Randy Beaver » Back to Trivia
1339 NW Flanders St Portland OR 97209
Relatively basic brewpub and distillery - an ultimate destination for traveling beer geeks. Go on your birthday and get a free t-shirt!

The O'Neill Public House Specifically: Pub Quiz Oregon / Tuesday / 7pm » Back to Trivia
6000 NE Glisan St. Portland OR 97213
As authentically Irish as one can get in the US.

Turn! Turn! Turn! Specifically: Tuesdays @7:30 FREE » Back to Trivia
8 NE Killingsworth St portland or 97211
Turn! Turn! Turn! Has six carefully selected rotating beers and ciders on tap, a full bar and super tasty culinary concoctions. You’ll find records, CDs, books, zines, hi-fi, low-fi, vintage fashions and a variety of other delights. Check out our calendar for a list of live music, Blazer games and other entertainment opportunities.

Vendetta Specifically: Portland Geek Trivia / Tuesday / Every Other Tuesday At 7pm » Back to Trivia
4306 N Williams Ave. Portland OR 97217
Open airy concrete "art box" with a hell of a patio.